Friday, 6 August 2010

An eggcellent morning

I have to start with an apology for the title! I'm not sure where the last four months have gone...infact, the last year..I worked the three days the boys were at preschool, so it felt a short week to cram in keeping the house hygienic and playing and just being together... but from next September I know there is going to be an easier balance. It's never perfect whatever life stage is it? But some years maybe the puzzle just links up better than others..

We are still almost vegan....the boys have slightly different tastes, Rohan is more of a natural vegan, Luca likes mock meats such as the veggie sausages, and quorn 'ham' etc....anyway, one day the other week Luca woke up with a real bee in his bonnet about eggs! 'Can we buy eggs?' 'When can we buy eggs?' He was really persistent. It was after seeing a children's tv character going off to buy some, I'm sure of it. It's incredible how many times eggs seem to mentioned in children's stories and programmes- someone is always 'just off to get eggs' it seems! Don't know if it's coincidental or symbolic but the references are there. And Luca's a child who identifies closely with some of these characters...

Anyway, so we were in our neighbourhood and I had just reconciled myself to the idea of buying some (free range) eggs (I'm certain that denying requests to try new foods could push children away from the idea of an almost-vegan diet) when an alternative arose quite out of the blue. In short, a friendly woman who stopped her car so the boys could scoot across a road, stopped to chat with us. She was saying how well the boys look... at the end of the conversation I told her how well she looked and her reply was 'Maybe it's because I'm vegan'. Well, therein prompted a good chat, during which I mentioned the eggs dilemma. She regularly drops in at her friend's animal rescue centre where rescued chickens run free. Within a week, this lovely lady delivered a box of these eggs for Luca.

The whole thing just made me smile! Isn't it just so good when you have answers to your predicaments so quickly and so neatly...
.. Luca did like the eggs scrambled. He was a bit uncertain of the yolk.
I won't buy them habitually, but if he asks for them again.. I will sort something out...

And J, the lovely lady, is going to come round for coffee and vegan cake soon!

I haven't got any relevant pics, so will just leave you with this view of my birthday afternoon... it was sheer bliss by the river in Richmond with Mit at the Tidetables cafe.