Thursday, 30 October 2008

Against the grain and pizza feasting

We've definitely cottoned on to discovering more of our county so am feeling a Kent resident as much as an outer London one this week! With the train being so quiet, really felt like we were going against the grain by not going London way. (This is partially a post-chicken pox choice, but also not brave enough to be caught up in half term crowds).
Tonbridge was where we headed today; we walked a small part of the weald walk up to and around Tonbridge Castle. Its a small castle, I followed the boys as they meandered around, they being a bit young too appreciate the activities on offer there at the moment. We spent quite a while at a large playground, which they enjoyed, although it was definitely eclipsed by a cluster of tractors parked nearby. Luca informs me that he needs a tractor. At the playground, Rohan found that the slides were a bit muddy hence not very conducive to sliding, and he quickly became engaged in using up lots of baby wipes in cleaning them! I am in awe of his sense of tidiness and order, its not a trait that I recognise, and, as has been pointed out, we need someone like that in our family : )
It was so cold, after our packed lunch we had drinks at starbucks, and chocolate coins for the boys. We had comfy seats right in the front window. Luca spontaneously said ' I love this coffee shop, mummy! Hmm, think my hopes of cultivating two coffee partners are working out so far.....
We had a pizza fest this evening, having recently found a recipe for what's become one of our favourite vegan pizzas, 'Isa Pizza' from this book:
The toppings combine deliciously together, the author of this book must be a sort of food artist. The combination of flavours and ingredients always seem to create brilliant flavours. 'Vegan with a vengeance' includes a page on how to make basil tofu ricotta, which I personally find a brilliant cheese alternative. Tofu isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think its well worth trying in different ways because what you do with it can alter it so much. I think this pizza would be fabulous for anyone wanting to cut down on cheese, but looking for a substitute.
I cut corners from the full recipe, the base was a packet of ciabatta flour, and I didn't make the pesto but used a jar of aubergine pesto. I forgot to buy kalamata olives which was a shame because they make this pizza! The boys enjoyed rolling out their own dough and spreading the tomato sauce on. Nice to have some recipes they can join in on. Eases the quandry of relying on dvds and videos whilst I cook, although they were quite tired out from today and probably the coldness out there added to the effect.
I haven't worked out yet how to display photos properly blogging. Also, maybe there is a quicker way rather than having to download them one at at time?!

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