Friday, 17 April 2009

Viva's new websites

So heartening to read that meat consumption is on the downslide, according to VIVA, whose work and stance I greatly admire. They have two new websites at Save their world and Eatgreen. It's the dairy industry which has put me on the road to (very, very almost completely now) veganism but this website holds a host of info which informatively explains animal welfare is just one of the many pressing reasons to enjoy a vegan diet.

The 'save their world' 'soya' section reminds me that much soya is produced for animal feed rather that for soya milk. Someone mentioned to me once that drinking soya milk impacts on the rain forest. But I am now sticking to the 'alpro' brand- they state on their packaging that they use their own specially grown forests and not the rainforests.

So I can't get to the VIVA roadshow in London tomorrow and I do feel quite bereft! It is always such an amazing event, part of my heart is going to be there!!

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Clone.Girl. said...

I don't get why more people aren't vegans. They think it is such a sacrifice. At the very least they could be vegetarians, but they put up mental blocks because it just isn't what they want to hear. It is so sad because it is pretty simple.