Friday, 15 May 2009

If coffee doesn't work... just veg out

Coffee and cake- it doesn't matter what time of day, it's never too late for an espresso... but I knew I had to abandon the plans for today I had when even consuming a cup of this, I just wanted to put my head on the table and sleep! We only made it to Tesco to get some glue so the boys could have a sticking session- they love making collages- of anything and everything really, just random pictures cut out of magazines. Rohan's approach to carrot cake today was just to deftly nibble the icing and ignore the rest.. damn. The sneaky carrot and apple, and ground linseesd- all abandoned. But the advantage of having twins when it comes to food is that most of the time, ONE of them will gobble up your efforts with enthusiam...

I think that planning and worrying about your child's diet is relevant to all diets- and depending on what phases and habits the little people are going through... I worry a little about iron from time to time, just because the boys don't eat many leafy greens, just small amounts mixed in other things... so made some apple purees lately with dried apricot (boiled for a couple of mins). When I have doubts or worries I just glance at my Veggie Vitamins wallchart, it's a great quick reference to tell you which foods provide what, and it usually serves to reassure me, because I forget the exact nutrient content of foods we use regularly. Luca asked me what dates were in the supermarket the other day; so we bought some and he really likes them. That surprised me, would never have guessed that! We haven't won Rohan over to them yet... I'm not keen myself I have to admit! How crazy was I to take any delight in shedding a couple of lbs- shortlived. When you are sick, it's almost impossible to envisage enjoying food again... but a week on...of course you do!

Current favourite picture: rocket fun!

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