Tuesday, 19 May 2009

bitter sweet

At the boys' pre-school, parents usually bring in cakes or sweets for all the children on birthdays. Haribo seem to be really popular and they were all kindly given a bag to take home from one of the parents today, but the teacher (they are so good at observing dietary considerations) didn't give the boys any because of the gelatin content. The boys haven't been that interested in sweets really, (more chocolate orientated) but they wanted some today, so temporarily felt a bit bad that they went without, but I'd actually bought them some chocolate buttons today so they were happy with those.

The sweet scenario will be recitified for the future thanks to these from Vegan Store. I've ordered a supply so the school can keep some in for similar occasions...

It's too early to explain much about certain things but I had the following conversation with Luca:

'can we get some of those red sweets?'
'We'll get some sweets, but not those ones because they've got animal bones in and we don't eat those'
'But mummy, I like animal bones'. (Of course he will like the idea, presented in that packaging!)

Foodwise now, there are so many vegan and vegetarian alternatives for popular foods, thankfully. I don't want the boys to feel like their missing out (it'll only make them want to find out more) but I don't want to compromise our personal ethics either.


half pint pixie said...

Oh my goodness... some of the Haribo sweets are vegan?! I always just presumed they weren't! Thank you for that info, I shall keep that in mind for when my daughter is bigger (although I should probably test them out first, yum yum yum, I love sweeties!). The Biona wine gums are really good too, just in case you need an excuse to try them out ;-)

I'm off to wander around your blog now :) My daughter is a year younger than your boys, and I always love to read what's ahead for us in crazy toddler land!

Bea said...

hi half pint pixie,
I know what you mean, I used to be much beter at that.. trying to read up on what's ahead. Things just seem to spring up on me now though, I didn't keep it up!
Got the haribo sweets from Veganstore. They do cola bottles and some sweet and sour ones.
I will look out for Biona. I used to love the red and black wine gums but disregard the rest!!