Thursday, 4 June 2009

tart time

I want to report back on Switzerland... I'll do that soon....I just need a little more time than I have this eve.. no clothes to wear for anyone so must iron and maybe a few mins on the exercise bike to counteract today's indulgence:

Bakewell Tart from 'Another dinner is possible'. This was divine! When out and about I haven't always been able to resist these... and Morelli's in Broadstairs (went back for the day recently) do a very nice home made type one which just goes so nicely with coffee I think!
Got up early to make the pastry for this, but it was straightforward. The only thing I might do differently next time is to add a few more almonds above the jam (the almonds are all ground and mixed in the pastry in this recipe). The boys layered and iced some a smaller one each and we had such a lovely 'cafe in the garden' moment tasting them after some gardening!

Having mixed results with our planting efforts. The boys had a potato bag each... one bag is doing fabulously... the other nothing, but I think that that was down to some over-zealous attention! We have another pot which has since been adopted..

The coriander grew about 3cm and was looking great. Then one morning, the leaves had gone! The same thing happened with both troughs. I'm not sure what happened there... I think it might have been Marly nibbling it, or squirrels....

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4 BOYS ONLY said...

One year I planted 6 tomato seedlings. 6 hours later (literally) i went outside and there was nothing left but the stems!!! It can be so frustrating! I love the picture of the boys at the little table.