Sunday, 6 September 2009

Treats, treats, treats (London Vegan Festival)

Doing a wholly inadequate quick overview of my trip to London Vegan Festival today...(I was lucky enough to go thanks to one wonderful friend who looked this up and suggested I go and she'd have the boys..)

Did some chocolate tasting- tried the rose petal one, as remember trying the chilli last year.... their own description says it all; the outer shell's texture will contrast beautifully with the smooth texture of the inner truffle'. This is dream chocolate, and a velvety delicious dream! It is also gift type chocolate though, so didn't buy any but will, however, make sure I keep the website at hand!

Tasted a couple of wines too- and bought a bottle of sauvignon blanc for afore-mentioned friend.

It was great to see the company who make Sheese. They do a blue cheese version of the hard vegan cheese now, which is really nice. I remember liking blue cheese in pasta sauces when I ate dairy, so I'll definitely be getting this sometime. I got a list of stockists from the lovely people running the stall, but it can also be bought at 'Goodness Direct'.
They were also offering samples of the cream cheese- dolloped on a biscuit (digestive or rich tea) with some jam- yum- instant 'cheese'cake!

As ever, there was a great atmosphere; I stopped long enough for a zingy chick pea salad for lunch and got to chat with some lovely people from Manchester who own this cafe.
Apparantly, it's vegetarian with many vegan options, they serve up bangers and mash and all-day breakfasts. Hmm, haven't yet been to Manchester- it must be time to go!

Picked up some fab Winter boots (I walk everywhere so comfort and warmth for the winter ahead were on my mind!). However, I managed to come home with two right foot boots! Ooops! I've emailed Vegan Store, I'm sure we'll be able to sort it!

First day back at preschool tomorrow for the boys. I am not looking forward to it as I don't have work to distract me, I start back next Monday. I have some fruit and nut bars baking in the oven from 'Vegan Lunchbox'. Having a go at making cereal bars. R doesn't like raisins or sultanas and it seems 99% of shop-bought ones have those in! Will report back if they go down well...

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