Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Quince Jelly What I learned about making quince jelly- a) you need a decent number of them! Around 20 quinces, many of them quite small, made enough to amount to one jar! The fruit is very tough, much like cutting into butternut squash, and there was a small white case area around the pips which was tough and took up a lot of the fruit.. and b) it's so true that you don't have to add pectin. I couldn't resist adding the tiniest bit of powder thinking it would increase the chance of success, but actually the result is verging on solid! Here is the end result: two jars of jelly (spattered into the jars... always in a hurry, when I was jam making I was supposed to be on my way to the other side of London!- and two of marmalade). The scent of the fruit, as it neared the end of cooking time was heaven, such a luxurious, unique perfume! I have to say, sentimental as it is, that it took me straight back to my Grandmother's kitchen, nudging thirty years ago. Only on scent scores though, as that jelly was clear, and just set.The scent also confirmed for me that they really were quinces (I'd had my doubts, as they were more appley in appearance, and not the yellow-gold pear shaped types). On the plus side, it yielded two jars of marmalade. Lovely mixed into plain soya yogurt. The recipe I used was from here . Found the original recipe and the blog with pictures really helpful. I used the butter muslin cloths and seive method. So... no presents for neighbours and family as hoped! But, lots of lessons learned. And I WILL try again next year! Bread Have made more since attempt one, and found the right balance... half strong white bread flour, half wholewheat spelt, with a handful of sesame seeds and a handful of linseed mixed in, plus poppy seeds to coat...

Discovered yesterday that Waitrose's individual blackberry and apple pies are vegan. I think the large versions are too : )

So a yummy Autumny pudding was had. R only wanted the smooth custard though, but three out of four aint bad.

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