Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas wishes

A belated very merry Christmas! Warmest wishes to anyone who stops by.Got plenty to drone on about, but got to get in some sleep before we have family over for lunch tomorrow. Just a quick note about the vegan lebkuchen... I left the dough for while for the flavours to mix (about a week) then got biscuit cutting, baking then dusting with icing sugar. The very best thing about making these was the heavenly smell of melting blackstrap molassess and sugar in the saucepan. That aroma should so be bottled and kept for special occasions and for when you want to impress someone or sell your house.

The dough didn't stay in one piece, so just rolled lots of biscuit sized pieces and did it that way. The end result its hard for me to comment on, except to say that they were lovely if you are into something light and not overly sweet as your sugar fix, and maybe something very slightly exotic. (You could taste the rosewater). Wrapped them up as gifts with ribbons on christmassy plates... so if the recipients aren't sure, they end up with a little plate!

Will post more pictures and stuff in the hopeful lull between Christmas and New Year.

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