Saturday, 13 December 2008

A rare Saturday in imposed by the rain as well as retreating viruses. We had a present wrapping extravaganza- wrapped all the gifts up with the boys, which was fun and used up lots of sellotape! Thing is, the boys predictabley got attached to one or two gifts destined for others... well that was the risk! It seemed like a good idea to gift wrap altogether, the alternative is to do it all when they are in bed and we are bleary- eyed and it becomes more of a chore. The boys had fun making some gift tags.

Lunchtime snuck up on us and needed to whisk something up quickly and easily so made tomato spaghetti; a white (bechamel) sauce just with black pepper, basil and tomato puree added then mixed in with half a packet of wholewheat spaghetti, topped with 'cheezly'. Should have taken a picture of the boys devouring the spaghetti, that was quite a sight, always fun to eat. Boys had it with broccoli and peas, we had salad. I bought ingredients for the lebkuchen but on going to make a start just now, found the weighing scale batteries are completely flat! So that plan's on hold. A nice discovery today was ginger wine truffles, utterly delicious! They were being offered to taste in our local health store along with the others in the range. Very velvety chocolaty with a gingery boozy sort of after taste. In a good way. I have bought a little box for Mit's oncoming birthday.

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