Tuesday, 2 December 2008

three steps back, one step forward...

I think I posted before about finding my take on the vegan diet not necessarily lean- well I am by no means a calorie counter, but the bathroom scales revealed I've gained about 4lbs in the last few weeks. Thing is, I am really enjoying food now its almost vegan! It can really be guilt-free food heaven. That, coupled with the fact, my appetite goes crazy in Autumn, don't know if I'm alone there but I can't see it's happened to anyone else..
Mit was working in town today and got to have lunch at the lovely Planet Organic, and very thoughtfully brought back some yummy food items... have had some plamil chocolate before, its really good. There is definitely masses of scope to be completely vegan out there. Just need to get rid of a childhood originating attachment to Cadburys. Looking forward to sharing this cheesecake (tofu mixed with agave and maple syrup with strawberry spread)...

So, some damage minimisation is in order- should be able to get going with this in the new year since have audaciously requested my christmas present from Mit as new trainers for running. I emailed 'vegan runners' who very helpfully replied, advising 'New Balance' to be a good brand. My current running shoes are in a very bad way and can't be put on in the rain!

Went to an 'Usbourne' childrens book party yesterday eve, this is a lovely book range, and much more extensive than I realised. Got a couple of christmas gifts, and a book for the boys- 'There's a dragon at my school'- its a sweet and funny little story, I'm certain its going to become a favourite.

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