Sunday, 28 December 2008

Almost vegan Christmas in a nutshell

Its hard to encapsulate the last week or so except to say its very lovely and how you hope this time of year to be, so I am feeling lucky. We spent Christmas back in Seaford, with family, and also seeing some treasured old friends on Christmas Eve, day and boxing day. Then family on Mit's side this weekend. Now the boys are three, you could really see them entering into the spirit and understanding of Christmas. And accordingly I am getting into the rituals.... however I didn't get around to leaving any food or drink for Santa.. that will come next Christmas... when the aforesaid understanding and spirit is enhanced by yet another year!

Going to sum things up in terms of the vegan highlights:

I wish I'd taken a photo of it but my lovely sister-in-law gave us a basket of mostly vegan goodies. A feast for our eyes and taste buds! It had some gorgeous chocolate from montezumas and some very nice soy cheese- Vegerella (among other things). The contents have rapidy been consumed! I think she got the things mostly in the independent health shop in Seaford which is a brilliant one.

For Christmas day eating we had chestnut and red wine pate en croute (Vegan Feasts) with all the usual roasted vegetables.

My parents and brothers eat meat so their lunch was the traditional turkey.There was enough of the chestnut dish for everyone to have a taste. Near veganism is my own choice and it is so important to me; I can't deny that the presence of turkey makes me struggle. However, hopefully I don't get judged for my decision and I don't judge anyone else either, obviously there are so many reasons for different diet and lifestyle choices. On days like Christmas day, it felt so important to show that the vegan option is tasty and nutritious and not a poor second. Thanks Rose Elliot!

Vegan shopping

New running shoes. After a few trips out already trying to minimise damage of much chocolate munching. New Balance trainers are mentioned in the Animal Free Shopper. (From what I understand most trainers are made from synthetic materials but the glues often contain animal derived substances). Mit said these were a bargain from When a new design comes out, they sell off the previous style for half price, so these were around £40 instead of £80.

I love my new coat from Nomads! If I could sew I would try and make clothes like this. I wish! This company does lots of vegan-friendly clothing; gorgeous colours and designs and fair trade too. Mit needed a coat so my present to him was a gorgeous one I saw in M&S, vegan friendly; got it last month when they had a 10% off day, can't see it on the website now.


Truly fabulous trio

a spider catcher from my brother!

It has bristles which trap the spider before you release it outside. Happy to have this, however, NOT looking forward to having to use it!)

Now very much looking forward to New Year : )

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