Monday, 16 March 2009

A breath of sea air

Saturday was spent in a couple of our favourite Sussex haunts; we checked out Lewes, walked around the castle, popped into my friend's shop to leave her birthday present. Walked past a little basement cafe with blackboard mentioning 'vegan' food in large, if we'd had more time... we'll be back soon though!

In Seaford we had a lovely time seeing my parents, brothers and a friend. It was one of those unusual days when the pace seemed really slow and time went blissfully slowly. Rohan, Luca, Mit and I went down to the beach late afternoon. The fun had through throwing stones into the water was amazing! Luca has a bit of a fear of the sea though.. so understandable. Always feel so small standing on the shingle looking out on water and sky, and taking in the force of the sweeping tide. We'll have plenty more beach days over the next few months though, so chance to reduce the fear. Stocked up at the Seaford Health shop, and got some dark chocolate coated crystallised gingers to munch on. Very yum!

My parents had soya milk and soy cheese in especially. Am always touched by this, something I don't expect and am always happy to bring the supplies.

I know I must be far from alone with attempts to defy the credit crunch. Took the step of cancelling our organic vegetable delivery today. It's been so good to have, since the boys were born but something's got to go, and going to try a fortnightly supermarket shop to include most things bar the extra vegan goodies from the Health shop and fresh fruit and veg.

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