Friday, 20 March 2009

carrot cake again! and April exciting food date

Carrot cake; I've mentioned it before but posting another pic as didn't take one of the actual cake last time:

Really recommend this recipe; its delicious. Left out the raisins this time as Rohan isn't keen on them. Cake is cake I know, and there's sugar within as well as icing sugar atop with vegan cream cheese BUT there are also a good handful of carrots in there, an apple and some linseeds so it definitely has some nutritional offerings!

Made this broccoli and almond quiche from Vegan Feasts. Make it every few weeks, it's got a lovely luxurious taste. Lately I've been lazy on the shortcrust pastry front, as JUSROL do ready made pastry cases in the fridge section of Waitrose; calcuates as cheaper with no waste.

Where I'm at in terms of veganism; I'm not a full vegan, although aspire to be. From home I am totally vegan in all the meals that I eat. My stumbling block is that I still look to milk chocolate for the occasional treat.
My approach to the boys diet has not been to aim towards them being totally vegan; the reasons for this are partly because I didn't start looking at veganism until around the time they were born, so it felt very new to think in terms of making that choice for them. I'd say about 70 percent of their diet is vegan. When it comes to dairy products such as yogurts and cheese, I'd say at least half of these things they eat are the soya versions. Thing is, I know they can be brought up on a vegan diet incredibly well; as long as they are eating lots of vegan food and loving it then I am happy.

Just been browsing the talks list for 'The Incredible Veggie Show'- taking place on Saturday 18th April at the Royal Horitulctural Halls, London. I'm not yet sure if we can make it this year, but it would be brilliant to go- there' so much to inspire new veggies and vegans, old ones too. Helped out last year with a hot food tasting and had a really great time, met some lovely people whilst serving up samples of pad thai!

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Clone.Girl. said...

Amazingly a lot of stores do not have good vegan chocolate bars. My health food store only has 2 different vegan bars to choose from. You can only eat so much carob (it just doesn't taste the same). I miss chocolate too! It is so nice that your children get to grow up in a vegan household. I wish I were. Carrot cake...yumm.