Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Veggie/vegan dining with a twist

M went out with some work colleagues the other night. Check out where they went:
A vegetarian/vegan restaurant within a converted bus!
Hadn't heard about it before, but M came across it when doing a search for somewhere to eat on a work night out. Found it hard to visualise the interior, but when I saw his photos of the night, inside it looked just like a very nicely decked out restaurant. The kitchen was downstairs, the restaurant the upper deck. The menu looks gorgeous (especially the Tofu tower to me). M was the only veggie in the group; apparently everyone said the food was absolutely delicious, especially the deserts!

Can't really post pics because they feature all his work colleagues but the website shows some photos...

What a fab idea. Next time we muster some money up to eat out, or have something to celebrate I know where we'll be heading.....

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