Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hats, books & vegan lasagne

The boys are still playing as I write; they seem to have boundless energy, even after three full days at pre-school and are usually chatting well up to around 9pm each night. After story time and some playing I have do other things really.. I'll go up again soon and tuck them up, they are playing well together so little point in interrupting.

We had fun making some hats on the theme of R and L's favourite books. I decided on hats
because I didn't think I'm ready to tackle a full-on costume! R loves ' What makes a rainbow?' and Luca 'There's a dragon at my school', they are amongst their favourites.

I don't know where the time is going- so thursdays and fridays are our treasured free days together. We have some regular things we do, friends we all see regularly so the boys are developing some regular friendships. There's such a lot to fit into two days. Monday and Tuesday I work, Wednesday being the free morning and I seem to be establishing a pattern. After going with Mit to take the boys to pre-school, I go for a swim, coffee on the way home, then back to work on the house- at least making it hygienic, don't know about tidy! I don't think tidy's possible at this point in time- well its possible but it would come at such a price.

I've only been doing the swimming for a couple of weeks but even though I'm tired in some ways it's quite energising and keeps the levels up for the rest of the day.
Tonight we had vegan lasagne, bit of a mish mash of ingredients, just wanted to get a lot of good stuff in: Roasted some vegetables such as aubergine, courgette, carrots and peppers with onion for an hour then added them to a sauce made with garlic and passata. Made a separate mixture of crumbled tofu and defrosted frozen spinach and layered them with a white (soya milk) bechamel sauce topped with ground, roasted cashew nuts in place of cheese.

We all ate heaps except for L who just managed a little bit, but he's got a bit of a cough which always affects his appetite. He asked for macaroni 'cheese'... again....!

I am supposed to be reading the nineteenth century novels on my course list for September. It'll be the fourth year of my OU degree (It'll take 6 part time) but so far I'm struggling to get into the books! Its just they are all lengthy and my rate of 3 0r 4 pages a night before I'm asleep just isn't cutting it! Short cuts won't really help for September, but they are a start.. I watched George Eliot's 'Middlemarch' on dvd the other night- well, over several nights- and really enjoyed it. Loved what it had to say about life choices then, the ethics of them, especially women's choices.

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