Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Eating healthily to allow for chocolate...

Coming to realise that my camera isn't really up to food photography. It's very good for outdoor pictures, but not so sharp for other things. Still, will do as no plans to replace for now.
Haven't done any wildly exciting cooking lately, been trying to have a healthy phase after the cake and chocolate fest of the boys' birthday, plus this wintery spell has called for lots of simple, hearty fare. We usually have cooked breakfast at least one day of the weekend, on Sunday it was scrambled tofu, toasted soda farls and baked beans. Some grilled tomatoes and redwood vegan sausagues would have made this a veritable feast!
We were sitting eating watching the snow settle in the garden. Sunday was a very sleepy day. In the evening had an unusual night out with some of the girls from Twins Club, which was nominated for 'best community organisation' in the town's 'Night of Honour' organised by a local, very community orientated church. It was a very spectacular night, black tie dress, red carpet, music and dance performances... was so great for the club to get an award, especially for the people on the commitee and who've kept it running at times when the numbers were dwindling. Its thriving now!

Starting to think about Christmas, its mostly thought though (can never really enter into the spirit of it until it turns December!) although I did order some presents of the chocolate variety online today here, almond butter chocolate cups and raspberry chocolates amongst other things. I once got Mit a Sjaak's dark chocolate heart filled with chocolates for Valentine's day. Of course I helped him eat it, and I think it was the nicest chocolate I have ever tasted. Therefore, this will be a very excting package in the post!

Made dahl and rice this evening, always a dead cert that the boys will love. Lovely comfort food:

cupful or two of lentils (usually use yellow lentils called 'toor dal', available in Tesco in the Asian section) or any lentils really, red work well too
juice of half to 3/4 of one lemon
tablespoon brown sugar
handful of chopped coriander
half teaspoon cumin seed
half teaspoon ground coriander
half-1 teaspoon turmeric
half teaspoon of black mustard seeds
ground cinnamon
half teaspoon cardomann
little chilli if you like

Cook the lentils separately according to packet instructions.

Gently heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and add all the spices and the fresh coriander. Heat for couple of mins, covered, until the mustard seeds start popping.

Add the cooked lentil mixture, should be quite thick and glupey. Heat and mix into the spices.

Add as much water as thickness you would like.

When the dal starts to boil, add the lemon juice and brown sugar, to taste. Let it boil for a few mins for flavours to blend.

Cool and serve.

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