Sunday, 2 November 2008

New nephew and taste of India

One of those weekends when the weather didn't matter! I met our week-old nephew yesterday, a gorgeous bundle of calm and cuteness, who slept blissfully whilst a room full of visitors chatted around him.

Today we headed to Wembley, Ealing road specifically. Possibly the nearest to the Gujurat state of India you can get to in the UK! We met family there for lunch and ate gorgeous food at Sakonis vegetarian restaurant.. eat as much as you like at the buffet for £8. A real assault on the taste buds that was too! I meant to take a photo but only remembered when the plates were empty....then quickly trailed the vegetable and grocery markets ( very bustling, couldn't browse too long with the boys, although they did enjoy the busy atmosphere, and colours). Great quality vegetables really cheap (50p for an aubergine) and great variety too, got one of two more unusual ingredients to experiment with....

Stopped off on the way home because the boys needed a loo stop. Was an unexpectedly nice break because Dulwich village (very nice too) was on the way home, and we popped into 'The Crown and Greyhound'. A lovely family friendly pub, where at five pm we sat alongside groups of couples with babies, and lots of guests from a nearby wedding. Got the boys some juice, came back from helping the boys out and there was a glass of pinot waiting for me on the table. My husband is fab.

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