Saturday, 29 November 2008

A moment for Mumbai

Thoughts are with all the individual people caught up in the Mumbai atrocities. Thankfully all the family on Mit's side are ok. One family friend was in the Taj Mahal hotel but managed to get out, amongst one of the lucky people. Mit and I were in Mumbai in 2004 and I've just been leafing through some of the pictures. We had such happy experiences driving through the heart of the city with Mit's cousins savouring directly the buzz of the atmosphere and warmth and kindness of the people, which really was a heady mix. The main station was modelled on London Victoria, only more majestic and spectacular and the Taj hotel so symbolic and statuesque across from the Gateway to India; cannot believe this place has been targeted and tainted in this way. Hoping the healing and the restoration will be as swift as can be. God bless, jsk.

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