Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Now the birthdays are over for now, and so is our appetite for cake I think! When I picked up the boys yesterday they they had chocolate coated faces and a little girl ran out holding hers, full of glee, which was a lovely lift... been feeling debilitated by this week's news stories, and trying to turn my mind to other things.
Vegan faux stress cupcakes from Vegan with a vengeance and chocolate ganachey icing. The icing, was vegetarian though, because I used milk chocolate blended with some dark. I'd thought that dark chocolate might be too bitter for little ones. I might be wrong, it just seemed safer and I haven't experimented much yet with milk-style vegan chocolate. Also the smarties were the milk chocolate ones, only because I didn't have whizzers in stock, which the boys love. (I can't keep chocolate supplies in the house unfortunately, because they get guzzled far too soon, and that's by me not the boys).

So, I'm photographing vegetables now... please don't think I am not busy enough or something : ) But this beauty of a red/green pepper turned up in the abel and cole box (kettle in hindground for scale!) and I'd just thought I'd snap it in all its glory before finding some suitably yummy way to cook with it.

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