Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Persistent pox and staying in

Luca hadn't really had chicken pox properly- a small cluster of spots which never dried out. They've come with a vengeance now so we are couch potatoes as they are both staying home from preschool. Would have been too convenient to get it all wrapped up in half term! Luckily, Mit was able to juggle his work hours so he could be at home whilst I did my couple of hours work this morning.

I'm not so worried about the chicken pox as I am about the possible effects of calpol the boys helped themselves to yesterday. Stupidly I left the bottle on the window ledge in their room temporarily forgetting it whilst I went downstairs because one of them wanted the potty. When I came back up, almost half a bottle was gone, but there was loads of it over the windowsill and on their pyjamas. I think we were unlucky with who we got on the end of the phone at the Emergency doctors, but I couldn't be totally sure the boys drank any. All I know is that a certain amount of calpol is unaccounted for! Doing a google search on paracetamol overdose is the worst possible thing to do I can confirm. So, just hoping for the best. Big wake up call.
Didn't do much cooking today, doesn't it always take a reason to really sit down and do very little? And when you do you realise its not dull like you feared? We watched The Iron Giant
We've had this video for years but I've never watched it from start to finish. The boys loved it, and it was really moving- very topical theme to do with aggression and war. Made me cry!

Yesterday, we had 'chocolate cheesecake', a chocolate mousse (made with melted chocolate and silken tofu onto a biscuit base) based on a recipe in this brilliant guide and recipe booklet from here: with some delicious soya cream we got from the local health store, have also seen it in some of the supermarkets

We also had tofu scramble with jacket potato (see scrambley salad pic above). There are loads of versions of this, but this was basically half an onion sauted for 10 mins, two garlic cloves added, pinch of turmeric, then stirred in steamed, mashed cauliflower florets and a block of silken tofu. Its a great scrambled egg alternative. It resembles it too (thanks to the turmeric) yet the pan it's made in isn't such a nightmare to scrub as actual scrambled eggs always were!

Our Abel and Cole delivery arrived today. We've been having this delivery since just before the boys were born, and used to get the baby box, now its a small mixed veg box fortnightly. I love this because it a) means there's a bit less shopping, b) I often end up with some unusual items I hadn't used before and c) they do gorgeous soya deserts and yogurt by sojade. These yogurts are so delicious amd moreish all the order is usually gone within two days and I have to put some to the back of the fridge to make sure Mit gets any at all.

Now got to do a little work and start reading more in the evenings. I've a shelf full of novels to read for my next course. It doesn't start until next September (had a year off this year so could think about house move and preschool etc etc) but they are all doorstop size and I am a very slow reader.

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